Branco Stoysin

Guitarist/Composer/Music Arranger/Tutor/Photographer and the rest...

Contact and Bookings info for gigs, guitar lessons and everything else...

Sun Recordings

Tel: + 44 (0) 20 8693 2398

Email : [email protected]

Fans 'n' Friends: Send us an email and you'll be added to our always growing precious list of friends 'n' fans and you'll receive all the news, gigs etc periodically.

Also visit us at YouTube to watch our live videos, join us at Facebook and on LinkedIn.

BOOKINGS INFO: Branco can fit/set up, if needed, in as small places as 2 x 2m. He use high quality PAT tested PA/amplifiers equipment.

We welcome the bookings and offers.

Let a little Sun into your life and book Branco Stoysin for your venue/event. All UK/World covered

WHY BOOK Branco for your venue/festival etc? For one-off recitals of an audio and visual delight, that are guaranteed to bring the Sun to people... Click on the image below to view a larger one.

Click on links to preview samples of these two tunes and videos > NATURE and BIRDS. The videos have been edited for live shows to be without any wording, ¬©copyright text, commercial part and long intros and endings text, and many more new photographs have been added. All the photographs and nature sounds are from England.

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